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M2insights is a Southeast Asia focused market research and consulting firm.

Our team provide investors with tailored business insights on industries in Southeast Asia. We gather qualitative and quantitative data from consumers and industry experts and present an in-depth analysis of the market opportunities and risks to our clients.

We also help startups and global corporations to bring their products to Southeast Asia by creating a localization and expansion strategies. M2insights starts with performing market entry research to check the feasibility, and our team will conduct surveys and further analysis to validate the product or service before creating a scale up plan.

We have assisted clients to understand their target consumers in:







Services that we offer:

Consumer Research

Consumer research is an important part of a new product development process, and the first step for creating a marketing strategy for any businesses. M2insights has quantitative and qualitative research capabilities across 6 different countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We work with various partners in the region to perform online panel surveys, retail audits, and in-depth interviews of industry experts and consumers. Our team offers the full range of services from questionnaire design in local languages, interview execution, and interpretation of results.

We help our clients ask the right questions to validate their business ideas, and we also interpret new trend from market information that we gather.

Country and Industry Specific Analysis

M2insights has a strong background in economics, finance, and accounting, and we are committed to provide easy-to-understand business insights to help our clients understand how their business fits within a country’s current economic and industry trends. We assist our clients in monitoring changes in the supply, demand, and regulatory conditions in a specific city, country, or region. Our service analyzes the total addressable market and forecasts the market potential of your products or business ventures.

Our firm has also assisted investment companies who are performing research on a potential portfolio company or M&A target to determine the actual market size, value, and potential return on the investment.

Due Diligence

Our firm provides due diligence investigations and company background checks to ensure that your company is dealing with a reliable counterpart. Our investigations focus on publicly available information including criminal, civil, bankruptcy, credit checks, and media and database checks. In addition to those, we can also perform physical visits and reputation check with sources from within the industry. M2insights currently offers this service in Indonesia and Singapore.

Market Entry

M2insights assists clients in evaluating their unique selling points and their competitors’ strategies and capabilities. We help our clients in analyzing the potential market. We also deep dive on the competitors’ product or service, their strengths and weaknesses, and market share. This enables us to create a tailored strategy to help our clients stay ahead of the competitors.

Product Localization

Products or services that work well in your home markets may not be suitable for Southeast Asia. Localization maybe driven by regulatory requirements or a cultural preference. This is one of the reasons why FMCG companies launch different products in different countries, and global fast food chains may have different menus in each country where they are present.

Our market research will allow your business to identify what needs to be localized to improve your consumer satisfaction and increase your consumer base.

Alternative Data

Alternative data has long been used by institutional investors to make a better investment decision. Many companies have followed the trend to understand more about the industry, country, and region that they are operating in and to stay ahead in their respective industries. At M2insights, our team assist our clients in finding and interpreting alternative data that is relevant to their business operations in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Business Strategy

Our team has diverse experience from across different business sectors. This allows us to look at different perspectives to deliver a creative business strategy. We create tailored business strategy for our clients based on market insights, the clients’ constraints and resources, and the current acknowledged best business practices.

M2insights aim to help companies navigate market uncertainties, identify hidden opportunities, and execute strategic plans to seize those opportunities. We can work with your team to establish feasible targets and determine a suitable market entry or growth strategy.

Doing business in Indonesia

M2insights has extensive business experience and on-the-ground market research capabilities in the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

South East Asia
10 Countries
Total Population of 650M+
Foreign Direct Investment Inflow of US$150B+ in 2018
High Annual GDP Growth

Our observations

Collection of our thinking and insights on business and economic developments that are happening in the region.


M2insights is a Singapore-based research and consulting firm that helps companies advance their businesses in Southeast Asia by providing on-the-ground market research, competitive landscape research, and business strategy consultation.

Our firm offers research services to help investors maximize their returns, by providing company analysis and industry analysis. We also serve businesses, ranging from startups to multinational corporations, looking to enter the Southeast Asian market and localize their products or services. Our team consist of experts with wide range of experience including agriculture, FMCG, logistics, investment banking, and management consulting.

Our aim is to translate market data into actionable insights for our clients. We believe that our collective experience and deep understanding of the region will help your business to always stay ahead of the curve in whichever industry you are in.

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